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The Dunes Golf Club at Seville

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#1 - Let it rip on this opening Par 5. You're in for a pretty good surprise at this highly underrated course.
#1 - The approach on the 1st plays uphill. The green is set in the dunes and gives you a good idea of what you'll face throughout your round.
#2 - A Classic looking dogleg left. Play your drive just inside the bunkers to open up the green on your second shot.
#2 - Don't miss left of you'll be in some deep bunkers.
#3 - Take it over the trees if you're feeling gutsy.
#3 - The bunker just beyond the trees is no fun to play out of. Still want to try and cut the corner? Good luck.
#3 - This is what people will face if they choose the safe route off the tee. It's a little longer but not as dangerous.
#3 - That bunker awaits anyone's ball who tries to cut the corner and catches a bad break.
#4 - A gentle draw fits this hole the best off the tee.
#4 - Here's the approach from just over 150 out. This green site sits very naturally in the dunes.
#5 - Tee shot at the 5th
#5 - This crowned green is perched above waste area to the left. Hit the middle of the green, or watch your ball roll off.
#6 - Par on this short par 3 is no easy task. The green complex is guarded by deep bunkers and wild undulations.
#7 - This is one of the only areas on the course with houses.
#7 - Your approach to the 7th green must carry over the mound short left of the green if your going to get it close to the pin.
#7 - The mound short of the green reminded us of the 2nd at Lost Dunes.
#8 - Add a club or two and then navigate the tricky green to get your par on this good par 3.
#9 - We loved how the tee boxes were laid out over the dunes.
#9 - Watch the deep bunkers on this shot... long is better than short here.
#9 - If you miss the green, this nasty little pit can give you hell.
#10 - Hit it right over the directional bunker to this split level fairway.
#10 - The split fairway makes things interesting at the 10th.
#11 - This was really the only hole we didn't like. It just doesn't fit with the rest of the course.
#11 - Don't hit it right! It'll be a watery grave.
#12 - This hole will make your jaw drop a little bit. Are we in Florida anymore?
#12 - If you miss left you'll need a flop shot to get close to the hole.
#12 - This green is in a really serene area of the golf course.
#13 - One of the best par threes we've played since coming to Florida. What a great view!
#14 - This is a solid uphill approach to a really interesting green.
#15 - Another dogleg - there aren't many straight tee shots at the Dunes.
#15 - Anything right is better than anything left here.
#16 - There is a fine line between perfection and finding the cavernous bunker just left of this green.
#16 - Find that bunker and you'll have one of the tougher up-and-ins on the course.
#17 - Any tee shot struck inside the waste area on the right will be perfect on this par 5.
#17 - Jason's approach on 17.
#17 - Dave contends with the waste area just off the fairway
#17 - The Biarritz green!
#17 - Raynor? C.B.? Nope... Hills
#18 - Blast away on this uphill finisher.
#18 - Even a good layup will leave you with a tough uphill shot to this great hole.

18200 Seville Clubhouse Drive

Weeki Wachee, Florida

Course Style: Parkland Links

Designed by Arthur Hills in 1988

The Dunes Golf Club at Seville Homepage

Jason and Dave have both played The Dunes Golf Club at Seville

Tee Yardage Par Rating Slope

2 Play the Tips Rankings

  • Shot Playability: 7.70
  • Short Game Playability: 8.70
  • Fairness: 7.50
  • Experience: 4.50
  • Aura: 4.00
  • OMG Factor: 8.00
  • Design: 8.70
  • Total: 7.01
  • Ass-Kick Factor: 6.00