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Lost Dunes Golf Club

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Bar Area with Blackhawks banner from the old stadium
The clubhouse from just off the 9th green
The guest list
The greens and the cart paths are equally dangerous here.
The Wall of Fame
#1 - Everything slopes away from you, and you can only see the top of the flag from the fairway.
#1 - Aim right over the bunker on the left - your first awkward angle of the day.
#2 - You'll need to challenge the bunkers on the right for a good angle to this green
#2 - One of the coolest shots on the course. The pin for us was tucked behind the mound on the left.
#4 - The more left you can hit it the shorter you'll have on this par 5
#4 - Approach shot on the par 5. This green is crazy so hit it close!
#4 - The wild and controversial green at the Par 5 4th
#5 - Reverse redan hole
#7 - Aim left or aim right over the bunker. This fairway is wider than you think.
#7 - The approach shot on 7 requires that you hit it to the proper side of the green depending on where the pin is.
#8 - One of the forced carry tee shots at Lost Dunes
#8 - Another half blind approach shot.
#9 - Tee Shot on the par 3. You can barely see this green either - see a theme here?
#10 - My approach from 245. I hit the green and two putted for birdie.
#11 - The pin was tucked behind the trees on the left. Use the spine in the back of the green to feed the ball back and to the left.
#12 - Dramatic Elevation Change from the tee to the fairway.
#13 - Tee Shot
#14 - More elevation change...Don't miss right!
#15 - Another forced carry over water. Aim it just right of the barber pole for a chance to hit the par 5 in two shots (I did).
#15 - If you lay up, this is what you'll have left
#17 - Make sure you don't hit the left side of the 17th green or your ball might roll straight into the bunker.
#18 - Tee Shot on the closing hole. Hit a good one here.

9300 Red Arrow Highway

Bridgman, Michigan

Course Style: Prairieland

Designed by Tom Doak in 1999

Lost Dunes Golf Club Homepage

Jason has played Lost Dunes Golf Club

Tee Yardage Par Rating Slope

2 Play the Tips Rankings

  • Shot Playability: 10.00
  • Short Game Playability: 10.00
  • Fairness: 5.00
  • Experience: 10.00
  • Aura: 7.50
  • OMG Factor: 8.00
  • Design: 9.00
  • Total: 8.50
  • Ass-Kick Factor: 9.00


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