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Posted by Dave on Thursday, April 5, 2012

The Opening Day Live Blog!

Welcome to the 2 Play the Tips live blog for the 2012 Masters!


Jason will be live tweeting the tournament as well, so make sure you follow us @2playthetips on Twitter!

7:15 PM EST -

Well that's it, folks... Phil finishes off with a birdie at the last to shoot 74 - only 7 shots back. 

The ten shot rule might come in to full effect this year.  We'll have to see how tomorrow goes. 

Happy Masters Day, everyone!

7:05 PM EST -

Phil does a little adjustment with his driver on 18 tee....  smokes it down the middle.

6:35 PM EST -

Angel Cabrera strikes me as someone who doesn't play golf unless it's a major championship...

5:51 PM EST -

From the horse's mouth...  Luke Donald's wife just tweeted that he isn't disqualified. 

5:31 PM EST -

There is talk that Luke Donald signed for an incorrect scorecard.  Not sure exactly what's going on yet, but let's hope for the best.  I think this is the stupidest rule in golf.  Everyone in the world knows what he shot today.  There is no reason he should be disqualified for a mistake like this.  The punishment most certainly does not fit the crime.

5:20 PM EST -

Dear Jason Dufner,

Can you please make at least two birdies in the final three holes?  I would like to make a little push in my best ball challenge. 

All the Best,


5:00 PM EST -

A birdie on 18 for Oosthuizen brings my old man into a lead in the 2 Play the Tips ProV challenge!

4:55 PM EST -

Yuck.  A 7 on 10 for Phil. 

4:35 PM EST -

Awesome sand shot, but rolled the putt too hard... No sandy for Phil. 

Meanwhile, Bubba is hitting approach shots over trees from the middle of the fairway and Rory is trying to hit 80 yard slices...  This must be one hell of a group to watch.

4:30 PM EST -

Phil just hit his tee shot on nine into the first fairway.  Now he's short sided in the bunker.  Better pull out one of his ridiculous short game shots...

4:27 PM EST -

McIlroy just puched his drive way right on 10.  Maybe a little afraid of repeating his last competitive tee shot there?

4:23 PM EST -

McIlroy makes birdie at 9 to go -1.  The thought of him succeeding at Augusta National gives Jason hives.  He can't stand the thought of anyone competing with Tiger's records and popularity...

4:02 PM EST -

Tiger finishes up with an opening round 72.  Jason is glowing.  He got a lot out of a round where he had two penalty strokes. 

3:29 PM EST -

Ouch.  Stenson drops to -1.  Totally massacres Holly with an 8...

3:25 PM EST -

Stenson throwing a temper tantrum after a shank at the final hole... how much would it suck for him if there was a note in his locker after the round today...  

Mr. Stenson-

The Masters will continue tomorrow without your presence.  Enjoy your trip back home.

-The Membership.

3:13 PM EST -

Is there any other course in the world that makes changes/improvements every single year?  Augusta is probably the most touched course of all time...

3:09 PM EST -

Kelly Kraft just make four birdies in a row to go from +4 to E.  Wow.  Nice playing.

2:55 PM EST -


2:45 PM EST -

Jason says I look like Geoff Ogilvy.  His reasoning? 

"You both look dirty.  You both wear clothes that make you look like a kid who walked out of high school class straight to a golf match." 

I'm going to go ahead and take this as a compliment.  Shaving is the biggest pain in the ass in the world.  I hate it.  I might even start rocking the dirty mustache... thoughts?

Plus, I'm a fan of Geoff.  And his unpretentious attire.

2:28 PM EST -

Adam Scott's 75 is a little surprising after his excellent play and T2 last year. 

Keegan Bradley rocking the new Cleveland Classic driver...  playing well in his first appearance at Augusta.

2:05 PM EST -

McIlroy stumbles hard out of the gate...  a double at the first hole.  That makes him 9 over par in his last 10 holes at Augusta.  Ouch.

1:59 PM EST -

Jason poses a good question - with all the money that is out there, why has no one created a course that rivals Augusta in terms of conditioning and style of play?  There are some courses that have a few holes inspired by Augusta, but why has no one done a better job of it?

1:43 PM EST -

Kelly Kraft throwing DARTS at 12.  Tiger hits a safe approach on 11 - Birdie putt upcoming. 

Watching this Amen Corner live on is pretty great.  It's absolutely no match for live TV coverage, though...

1:29 PM EST -

Whoa.  Looks like my boy Luke Donald is having some trouble with a 38 on the front nine. 

1:29 PM EST -

They just showed some of Tiger's front nine 35.  Putter looks pretty good, but the driver looks like it's going everywhere. 

1:05 PM EST -


12:59 PM EST -

Rickie gets back a stroke at 12.  I'd love to see this kid play well this week. 

12:50 PM EST -

Pretty cool commercial from Nike there...

Tiger bogeys the 7th to go back to even par. 

Rickie Fowler looking pretty tame today.  I'm obviously talking about his outfit.  Going with the Masters green, apparently. 

12:43 PM EST -

So far -6 is winning our Masters ProV Challenge.  Two others at -5, one at -4. 

12:40 PM EST -

It's unreal how much attention is paid to Tiger Woods.  It's not like I don't get it, or I think it's stupid - it's just insane how popular he is.  When you go to a golf tournament, there is no question in your mind where Tiger is.  Just look for the crowd that's standing 10 rows deep all the way around a golf hole. 

12:11 PM EST -

I think we need to take note of how awesome this golf course looks despite the rain that it's received over the past few days.  On Tuesday night, 1.4 inches of rain fell on Augusta National.  A number of bunkers were completely under water.  A bathroom on 16 was destroyed by a falling tree.  There was debris all over the golf course.  All of the debris was gone Wednesday morning.  The bunkers were back to tournament condition by the end of the day, and the bathroom was back in working condition. 

This place is unreal.  Perfection upon perfection upon perfection.

12:11 PM EST -

Lawrie with an eagle on 15, now shares the lead with Stenson. 

12:05 PM EST -

Kaymer making a mess of the par 3 12th...  I wonder if this guy will turn it around, or if he'll be on track for another opening 78.   Maybe he's just distracted by Van Pelt's wingtips!

11:56 AM EST -

Kaymer hits it in the back bunker on 12...

Van Pelt almost flies it in the hole on 12...  Whoa. 

11:43 AM EST -

I'm not gonna lie... These featured groups are a little boring.  I may be risking my future hopes of becoming an Augusta member, but I think we could have put a few more exciting people in the featured groups. 

Stenson is killing it out of the gates... -3 through 5. 

11:37 AM EST -

After a few snap hooks off the tee on the first two holes, apparently Tiger has straightened it out on 3 and is -1. 

11:34 AM EST -

DOWN GOES FRAZAR!  Harrison dumps it in the water on 12... 

11:30 AM EST -

First off I'd like to thank everyone who signed up for our Masters ProV Challenge!  We'll keep you posted on the leaders. 

So far we're looking at a pretty mild day scoring-wise, with Martin Kaymer and Henrik Stenson on top of the leaderboard at -2.  Thunderstorms are rumored to be heading toward Augusta... we'll see what happens.

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