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Posted by Dave on Saturday, November 19, 2011

I'm feeling Presidential

I'm sitting here watching the President's Cup, and there's a number of things going through my mind. 

1.) Royal Melbourne is a ridiculous golf course.  I love it.  This is how more courses need to play on the PGA Tour.  These guys are out here on a course that's under 7000 yards and it's making them look like idiots a lot of the time.  Now that its raining and they can actually spin the ball it's a little bit of a different story, but yesterday when the wind was blowing, these guys all looked like 5-10 handicaps.  Jason Day hasn't made a birdie since, like, last week.

2.) I almost want the International team to win.  Almost.  Suppose that the Americans won the next 5 President's Cups...  Would we watch it anymore?  Yes, of course we would.  But would we care at all aside from the fact that it's great players playing golf late in the year?  I think they need to win.  But that doesn't mean I'm going to root for them.

3.) Jason Day is getting fat.

4.) There was this super annoying beeping during the coverage of the first two rounds...  Did anyone else hear it???  IT WAS DRVING ME INSANE.  It was like the audio equivalent of waterboarding. 

5.) We need more bunkers like Royal Melbourne.  Golf balls are not supposed to plug in the lip. 

6.) Dustin Johnson's clubface has to be more closed at the top of his swing than any other golfer in the history of the game.  Professional or not.

7.) Webb Simpson's wife is smoking hot.  Bubba Watson's wife is a giant.

8.) I am really sick of all the announcers analyzing the handshake between Tiger Woods and Steve Williams.  Seriously, guys?  You should really try to NOT sound like complete idiots once in a while...  I know you need to fill the air, but seriously...

9.) I wonder if these greens are going to be alive in a week.  Hell, I kind of wonder if they are alive right now...

10.) It feels weird watching golf at 2:00am.  Tiger just missed his putt on 18.  Kim is about to putt. 

...a point for the Internationals. 



Ok, I have to add this after the fact...

Did you see Hunter Mahan's reaction to making birdie to win the match?  That was hilarious.  I don't think I've ever seen someone slam their putter down on the green like that.  He looked angry...

Ok, Night.

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