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Posted by Jason on Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Cheat! It's Legal!

Hi folks, I'm Ron Popiel, and I have a very, VERY special offer for you today.  

Ever have the yips before? How bout the yanks? How bout even the pulls or the pushes?

(Audience) "YEEEESSSSS"

There's no worse feeling than being on the green in regulation and 3 putting! It's the quickest way to wipe that smile off your face. It can ruin your round, ruin your day, and make you feel like you never want to try playing this game again. I've felt it, you've felt it... we all have.

Luckily, We dont have to miss those pesky putts anymore. We can have The Belly Putter!

Using The Belly Putter is easy, and fun.

Just set it against your belly... and forget it! That's all you have to do!

Say it with me! 

Just set it... and forget it!

I promise, you'll never have to worry about your putting woes again. We've all seen beautiful rounds ruined because of balky putter performance, but with this limited time offer, you too can putt great with The Belly Putter.  Just set it against you belly and forget about all of your problems.

If you get The Belly Putter, the ball is going in, You can trust Ron.

This is a limited time offer, and The Belly Putters are flying off of our shelves as we speak so don't delay. You never know when the USGA will ban these putters forever. You owe it to yourself to act now. Using The Belly Putter is your chance to cheat while it's legal! 

Lets Hear from one of our recent success stories. Everyone give a big warm welcome to Keegan Bradley.

(Audience) "Hiiiiiii Keegan!"

Keegan, It's great to have you here at 2 Play the tips! can you tell everyone what makes The Belly Putter so great that it feels like your cheating while playing within the rules?

“Personally, I think it’s [The Belly Putter] an easier way to putt.  Especially when there’s some nerves. For me, it was easy. It just clicked right away.”









That's just wonderful Keegan...


Keegan used The Belly Putter brilliantly. He made long putts, shorts putts, medium putts. He made any length putt he wanted, and all he did was he set it against his belly. It's that easy. If it didn't work, do you think we could afford to give you this deal?


And wait, there's more...


If you call now and take advantage of this limited time offer, you'll recieve The Belly Putter that will save you so many strokes around the greens, it should be illegal. Wait, it gets better. Just for calling and ordering now, we're also going to send you a wonderful sister, a beautiful baby nephew, and a Wanamaker trophy all for one magical -well worth it price.



Call now to recieve your Belly Putter and Change your life like Keegan Bradley!




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