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Posted by 2playthetips on Friday, July 29, 2011

Southern (Indiana) Hospitality...

While I (Dave) have been going to French Lick pretty much my whole life (see The Decision), last year was Jason's first experience.  I feel as though those who saw French Lick ten years ago would appreciate it a lot more now than people whose first experiences included a casino and a newly renovated resort.  Either way, though, its hard to not be impressed with what they have going on down there.  Here are a few things that stand out:

The West Baden Springs Hotel

If you were to go play the Donald Ross Course at French lick, chances are good that you’re planning on staying at the French Lick Resort.  If you’re not staying in the West Baden Springs Hotel, then we highly recommend paying the “eighth wonder of the world” a little visit. The West Baden Springs Hotel offers many of the accommodations that your typical resort hotel would offer - pool, spa, fitness center, fine dining, shopping and, of course, some very nice rooms and suites.  What then makes the West Baden Springs Hotel so unique and worthy of your time?  The West Baden is a modern marvel.  At least back when it was built.  Now I guess it's just a marvel.  The hotel was erected within one year’s time and was opened in 1902.  At that time, it was the largest free spanning dome in the world, holding that distinction until the completion of the Coliseum in Charlotte in 1955. The hotel was abandoned in the early 80’s, but was recently designated a National Historic Landmark and was restored to its original form. The West Baden Springs Hotel made our jaws drop the second we stepped inside the 200ft spanning domed atrium, and will always be one of the lasting memories from our trip to The Donald Ross Course at French Lick.

The Casino

After our round and a nice home cooked meal with Dave’s grandparents, we decided to make the short walk over to the French Lick Casino for some gambling fun.  The Casino is a great place to hang out with friends after a round of golf and gives the town of French Lick some much needed night time activity. Inside, you will find 9,500 square feet of space with just about every game you could think about playing. We tried our hand at the slots for a little while and then got lucky at the roulette table before calling it a night. The nice part about the casino at French Lick Resort is that it could help you pay for a good portion of your trip. Beware though, it could make everything a little more expensive too!

Pluto Water Spring

Had to go to the bathroom all round and held it too long? Head on over to the Pluto water spring and fill up a bottle! They say that drinking the Pluto water cures constipation in 30 minutes… that’s if you could get yourself to drink the foul smelling stuff. The mineral spring used to be a huge draw for the town, where they once bottled and shipped out gallons upon gallons of the natural laxative.  The saying "When nature won't, Pluto will!" is written on the inside of the ornate gazebo that covers the spring, reminding its visitors of the healing powers within. 

Talk about memorable! It's hard to forget the stench of sulfur after passing by the spring on your walk to the casino.


I visted French Lick again just a few weeks ago.  When we first arrived, my dad and I headed over to 33 Brick Street.  This local restaurant/pub is a nice spot to grab a few drinks and maybe watch the game, but I don't know that I would suggest it for a nice sit-down dinner.  It has a kind of TGIFriday's feel to it, but more like the first TGIFriday's ever.  Back in whatever town it first opened.  Back when it still had a neighborhood feel to it.  Worth a look. 

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